I am so excited about this, I can barely stand myself right now.

Our 90 day program is designed to change your life forever.  This ground breaking program provides the education and tools you need to make sustainable, easy, enjoyable changes towards health and make it a journey for a lifetime.  This will change the way you think about health, disease, aging, and the paradigm of sickness that we accept as inevitable today.  Take a refresher or the next level whenever you like!

The program includes:

  • Daily meal plan for ALL meals and snacks for 90 days including recipes printable by week or month for easy shopping

  • Custom daily exercise program based on initial fitness assessment for easy implementation

  • Video education on how to eat, move and think well and WHY this is important

  • Pre and post assessment to track your amazing results

This program puts it all together. It doesn’t just focus on one aspect of health, it works on everything because this is how you are designed and this is how we can achieve lasting, sustainable results. Past failures and frustrations don’t matter. You can be running on a sunny, sandy beach in your Wimbledon whites in no time! Or maybe you prefer a convertible or some family cloud watching? In all seriousness, with the right tools, which we will provide, anyone can succeed. Is there anything more important than your health and that of your family? Contact us today to get started!

Be Well,

Tyler Fix, DC, CCWP