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Chiropractic FAQ in Downtown Edmonton AB

Why do people see chiropractors?

At our clinic, we see many people who have some sort of problem they are looking to address. Knee injuries, hip injuries, back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, etc. We also see a lot of people who have tried most everything else, because let’s be honest, a chiropractor probably isn’t your first stop… at least not the first time. More and more we see people who are looking to move better, perform better, and keep their body in the best shape possible.

Is chiropractic care safe?
Chiropractic care is very safe. The most common thing we see in our chiropractic clinic, is that things get sore after treatment for a day or two, particularly after soft tissue work like Graston or Active Release.

Do I have to see a chiropractor forever?
Our goal is always to resolve any resolvable issue, however many people choose to continue to see a chiropractor to combat modern ‘not-moving’ lifestyles, ‘very active lifestyles’ or just to perform better. There are a lot of things you probably will, or should do forever, like brush your teeth, or eat vegetables. So a better question might be, is adding regular chiropractic care (or massage or acupuncture for that matter) to my routine a good choice?

Does chiropractic hurt?
The only thing that is consistently a bit painful is usually the soft tissue work, Graston, or ART. Most commonly, chiropractic adjustments just feel a bit weird the first time, probably because it is a bit weird. Sometimes they can be a bit uncomfortable, usually short-term, and often similar to the feeling you have after a hard workout.

Do Chiropractors see children?
Our chiropractic clinic treats children of all ages, but the treatment for a young child is significantly different and much more gentle than for an adult. A small child’s chiropractic treatment is typically surprisingly gentle.

Physio vs Chiro?
This is a very common, and the answer is both physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment have many benefits, and both can be used in conjunction with the other to enhance one’s health. Our therapists work well together, with the goal being your optimum health and wellness.

Our Downtown Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic Also Provides:

Acupuncture uses sterile, stainless steel, single-use needles inserted into the body at very precise points to promote healing. Acupuncturists may use other modalities like guasha, cupping, infrared heat, and electro-acupuncture in combination as part of a treatment plan.
MORE INFORMATION: see our acupuncture page

Registered Massage Therapy
The Registered Massage Therapists at Redefined Health all offer various types of therapeutic massage tailored to your needs and individual goals. Soft tissue health and mobility is an important aspect of how well you move, and massage can be a great compliment to both home and other in-office care.
MORE INFORMATION: see our registered massage therapy page

Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine is a wide and varied profession. At Redefined Health, Dr. Zubach-Cassano has a special interest in Prolotherapy for sports injury treatment, as well as all kinds of women’s and family health issues.
MORE INFORMATION: see our naturopathic medicine page

Custom Orthotics
Our approach to custom orthotics is simple. We use a high-quality pedorthic lab to build quality foot support that will provide better foot support100% of the time.
MORE INFORMATION: see our orthotics page

Redefined Health has a team of chiropractors, massage therapists, a naturopathic doctor, and an acupuncturist who aim to provide the best evidence-based conservative care possible. We work together in the office, and with the rest of your healthcare team.


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