Choosing a Chiropractor

There are a lot of options when it comes to Chiropractic care which sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right Chiropractor, or even to choose whether to see one altogether. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a Chiropractor.

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I would look for someone who will give you exercises (not just stretches). To me this is mandatory, no matter what type of injury or even if you are getting regular treatment for no injury. Regardless of the reason you are seeking care and the type of treatment or treatment plan, exercise should be incorporated. This helps you help yourself in between office visits and when done properly, can help with preventing injury recurrence and even with improving performance.

You can simply ask if rehabilitative or other exercises will be given as part of the treatment. Most of the exercises we commonly prescribe can be found on our Youtube channel here.

Hands on Treatment

There should be some sort of hands on treatment with most Chiropractors. This often includes some sort of Chiropractic adjusting and may include soft tissue therapy such as Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, and various other general muscle treatment techniques.

For sports injuries and soft tissue injuries, some sort of soft tissue therapy is often helpful.

Types of Adjusting

There are many different types of adjusting, ranging from what most people are familiar with (adjustments that make a “popping” type noise) to very gentle techniques with very little force and no noise. All forms are very safe, but some people prefer more aggressive types and some people prefer more gentle options.

The typical “popping” adjusting is closer to what other types of practitioners like Physical Therapists or Osteopaths do, while the more gentle types of adjusting are typically only performed by Chiropractors.

Some common types of adjustments that make noise include Diversified or Gonstead Technique. Often, if there is no specific mention of a type of treatment used, I would assume a more typical adjusting that often makes a noise.

More gentle techniques with no noise and very little force include Activator technique, Torque Release Technique, MC2 technique, Network Chiropractic and various upper cervical techniques like NUCCA. Most often these will be advertised by the practitioner. Most are remarkably gentle, probably the most gentle form of hands on treatment you can find.

Additional Options

Some Chiropractors also use acupuncture, orthotics and nutrition recommendations as additions to exercise and adjustments.Acupuncture is often a useful treatment for people and has some good supporting evidence.

Orthotics will provide some foot support 100% of the time and can be helpful. For more information on orthotics, visit

Nutrition is obviously important and is something I would expect from anyone who is offering wellness care, preventative care, or claiming to improve or maintain general health.


Various therapy machines like Ultrasound, TENS, Laser therapy, shockwave therapy, traction, and spinal decompression will also be used by some Chiropractors in some situations.

I would recommend these as additions only, if at all, and not as primary treatments.

Be Well,

Tyler Fix, D.C.