Wellness Nutrition?

It is important to distinguish wellness nutrition from nutraceuticals.  Nutraceuticals are natural based products used with the same philosophy as pharmaceuticals to treat various symptoms or diseases.  We believe food  is not a treatment, but an essential ingredient for health, a building block for your body.  Wellness nutrition focuses not on treatment of symptoms or disease, but on giving your body the required raw materials it needs to express health.  The best supplement is no supplement, but with problems with our modern food supply, some essential nutrients are no longer available safely in our food.

At Redefined Health, we offer and recommend only products that meet our criteria for being supplements required for health.  These requirements are:

  • It must be an essential nutrient (something your body can’t make and therefore must get from food or supplement)
  • It must not be able to be attained by a reasonable change in diet.  The best supplement is no supplement and if we can get it from food, we should get it from food.
  • It must be a common deficiency based on current evidence.
  • It must be in the most naturally occurring form, free of synthetics, of world leading quality and at a fair price.

Basically we want to recommend things that your body needs to express health that your body likely is not getting, can’t make and can’t get from our food supply.

Our recommendations

Everyone should take a good quality omega 3 (EPA/DHA) supplement, vitamin D, and probiotics.  We carry Innate Choice, which can also be purchased directly from their website at www.innatechoice.com.  They are of the highest quality, have a wealth of free information on their site, are a Canadian company, and their company values are congruent with our philosophy and goals for our patients.

Our Essential Nutrient Package includes:

Omega Sufficiency

Probiotic Sufficiency

Yes, only 3 products.  This is what we feel, based on the current evidence, meets our requirements for supplementation.

Anything Else?

Although not making our essential supplement list,  we also have a multivitamin recommendation because many people chose to take a multivitamin (and we think this is a good choice:))  We carry Pranin Purefood, which is a Canadian made 100% raw, whole food organic product free of any fillers, synthetics, or yeast fermented products masquerading as whole food or natural ingredients.  Although the nutrients in multivitamins can be obtained in food, many people choose to take a multivitamin and we think that people should avoid synthetics and get their nutrients from whole food sources.  Pranin products can also be purchased directly online at www.pranin.com. Innate choice also offers a whole food, organic multi at a lower price point, which we also carry. 

Our Essential Nutrient Package Plus adds a Pranin Purefood A to Z, or Vita-Sufficiency to our Essential Nutrient Package.