Custom Rehab Programs

A strong, flexible, properly functioning body is the best way to prevent re-injury and is essential for health. Passive care like adjustments and soft tissue therapy can help give you back the ability to move, but then you have to actually move!

At Redefined Health, we always want to know why, and it is no different with our exercise programs. Doing even a good exercise without understanding why, without having a purpose, may not accomplish all that needs to be done.

The concept of “Functional movement” is becoming popular, with various proprietary methods to assess and correct movement patterns. We use a combination of methods that we find works well for us and our clients. It is important to us to work with your existing team including trainers, coaches and physical therapists, so we tailor our rehab programs accordingly. We want to compliment your team to help improve everyone’s results.

It is not necessarily what you are doing, but how you are doing it and WHY you are doing it. What are we trying to accomplish, what are we trying to correct and why?

Injuries, sports, sitting and working at a desk can all cause, contribute to, or exacerbate movement dysfunctions which is why they are so common.

It is our opinion that without proper exercise, no Chiropractic treatment program (or any other treatment program) is complete and long term results will likely be less than optimal.

How do you know if you have imbalances, dysfunction or movement pattern problems? A reasonably comprehensive and simple test is the overhead squat: