Our clients often tell us how our chiropractic, naturopathy, and massage therapy services have helped them rediscover health in Edmonton. It would mean the world to us if you could share your story and provide us with feedback!

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Downtown Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic
Redefined Health – complete health & wellness services
10118 124 St. Edmonton
Chiropractors for Oliver, Glenora, West Edmonton & Downtown
*just off Jasper Avenue on 124 St – free parking


Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Annaliese L.

“…I’m so pleased with my experience at Redefined Health”

My baby was breech at 27 weeks and I was going to be scheduled for an external cephalic version procedure if she didn’t flip, which can be very uncomfortable. I came to Dr. Fix for the Webster’s technique and other minor adjustments for a little over a week and a half before my scheduled procedure and I felt so great afterwards, my lower back had stopped hurting as well as my baby flipped! The day before my procedure no less, which I had been told had very low likelihood that far into pregnancy, all I had done was go to Dr. Fix and be active at home in ways that allowed her room to move. I was so relieved she flipped on her own and Im so pleased with my experience at Redefined Health.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Cristiana Coarna

“Above and beyond…”

Above and beyond any chiropractor services – Dr. fix is really knowledgeable and helpful.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Robbie G

“Great facilities…”

Great facilities with a variety of treatment options.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Sengchou

“Everyone is very professional…”

Everyone is very professional…I started seeing Amber for an old sports injury many years ago. She fixed the issue and I haven’t had any problems with my leg since. Last year I started to get tendinitis in both elbows from work. After a few treatments she recommended that I see Pam. The Pamber treatment completely fixed my elbows and I owe my career them! Thank you! I now see both Amber and Pam for random work or fitness related problems and every time… cured!
I recently started seeing Dr. Cassano and I appreciate that she does not push a ton of supplements like other naturopaths. I’m already noticing good results.
Everyone is very professional and I enjoy the relaxed environment!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Janelle Northey

“Excellent service.”

Excellent service. I went in and saw Dr. Spellman because my back and shoulder were causing a lot of pain. After one session… yes ONE session of chiro and Graston technique, my shoulder and neck were sitting where it was supposed to and I no longer had pain in my hips and back when moving. Best decision ever was coming here.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Victoria Laidlaw

“Caring staff and effective treatment!”

Caring staff and effective treatment! I found this place from a Google search, decided to try out because it was close to home. Very professional staff who are helpful and make you feel comfortable. Neither pretentious nor overly casual. I’m very happy with Dr Amber’s treatments. She is very knowledgeable and personable.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Ruth

“I like his support services…”

I have been a patient of Tyler’s for 5 years and consider his treatments key in staying healthy and active. He has worked closely with my personal trainer to ensure my workouts align and support his treatments and as a result any issues I have had are treated quickly. I like his support services that are offered in the office and his hours are varied from day to day and work well for me.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by David Smith

“…highly recommend…”

Great chiropractor, highly recommend this place to my friends.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Michael Montour

“…very professional and friendly staff.”

Decent prices and very professional and friendly staff.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Ray D.

“…Dr. Tyler is the best…”

Have been having chiropractic treatments for 30 years and Dr. Tyler is the best among the 5 previously doctors seen. His vision and approach of manipulating your body to find the proper treatment is undeniable.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Stacy Bergheim

“…I highly recommend Tyler Fix at Redefined Health.”

I have been seeing Tyler since 2009 or 2010 when he helped me with a bad case of plantar fasciitis. After both my family doctor and my physiotherapist told me there was nothing they could do, a friend recommended Tyler to me. It took some time, but eventually the pain from the plantar fasciitis was totally gone. Then, in 2012 I completely blew apart my knee including a complete tear on my ACL. Using ART, Tyler helped me to rehabilitate my knee. Dr. Tyler Fix is a fantastic Doctor of Chiropractic and I completely trust him. I do not hesitate to bring my children to see Tyler when they suffer an injury while playing their many different sports and they are usually fixed up after 1 treatment. We are always sent home with a plan to completely heal and prevent further injury. If you are looking for a caring and competent Chiropractor in Edmonton, I highly recommend Tyler Fix at Redefined Health.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Luke Ruttle

“…extremely knowledgable and professional.”

I have been cared for by Pam for almost a year. I first transitioned to her care when I was having issues with piriformus syndrome and she was recommended. She helped me resolve my issues fairly quickly. I then fell on ice and partially tore my MCL. she worked her magic and I healed and had limited mobility for a much shorter amount of time. I was amazed. All things come in 3’s so of course this past spring I had another pretty good fall on a slippery surface. Initially I was told I just bruised my ishial tuberosity which also was triggering piriformus syndrome. I would see her and it would make short term difference. I was seen at another clinic by another type of heAlth professional which made things worse therefore wouldn’t go back. Pam gently guided me, she knew what she could help me with but also suggested I had a herniated disc and would need additional assistance. I sought out an adjunctive professional who was treating me for the wrong thing and was hurting and not progressing. She again gently suggested maybe I needed to try someone different. I did and have found the perfect combination. Pam was always correct with her diagnosis that I had a herniated disc. Today is my first day with no narcotics and I wouldn’t be here without Pam and her magic. I still have a ways to go and I know it will be successful with Pam guiding my treatment. She is extremely knowledgable and professional. Very caring.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Anika Gee 

“…excellent services in a nice and convenient space”

Dr. Fix and Liliana have helped me through injuries and stiffness caused by an office job and avid running. I appreciate that Redifined Health offers excellent services in a nice and convenient space, but isn’t preach-y which I think is a positive quality rare to find in chiropractors. Liliana has saved my muscles so many times, you need to see her if you are an athlete or want a deep tissue massage!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Samantha

“I HIGHLY recommend him.”

I have been going to Dr. Tyler Fix for about 8 years for chronic muscle pain, migraines, and sciatica. He often “fixes” me in one session and I only have to come in once or twice a year now. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Lori Middleton

“I definitely would recommend Dr. Fix.”

I have seen Tyler over the past five years – his training, knowledge and experience has helped me to continue with my running and other physical activities. I definitely would recommend Dr. Fix.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Meg Q. 

“…very knowledgeable.”

I find Tyler to be very knowledgeable. That, coupled with his personable nature, makes Redefined Health my first choice for chiropractic care. The front end staff are always accommodating and pleasant, which adds to the already enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend Tyler whether you are trying chiropractic for the first time or considering a switch.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Sarah Marano

“…best choice for anyone looking for a massage therapist.”

Gorgeous wellness center located centrally on 124 street. Easy access whether you are driving (ample parking behind the building) or taking ETS (stops right in front). Staff are warm and inviting. I’ve been seeing Amy Andreychuk for massage therapy for the past 3 years and could not imagine being treated by anyone else. I would highly recommend seeing Amy for any massage need. Whether it is for relaxation or injury prevention. Amy is dedicated to her craft and nurturing to her patients. She takes in to consideration the needs of the patients and listens. She is the best choice for anyone looking for a massage therapist.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Katherine Walden

“His holistic approach to health is refreshing!”

Dr Fix has created a great place for healing and sustained health in the Oliver area. Right on a major bus route, with plenty of parking in the rear! From the moment you walk in the door, you will be welcomed by a warm, peaceful and modern atmosphere with friendly staff. Dr Fix has helped me immensely as I am dealing with an extremely painful sprained knee. Just after three treatments, I no longer am waking up in pain and my functionality is almost back to normal! As I am disabled, my case does present unique challenges but he’s up to those challenges Dr Fix has welcomed massage therapy to his clinic, which is a natural compliment to his chiropractic practice. Redefined Health also offers custom orthotics and supplements. His holistic approach to health is refreshing!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by R Raymond

” He is also extremely knowledgeable…”

I have been going to see Dr. Fix for the past 5 years whenever my body just doesn’t feel right and he is fantastic at getting me back to where I want to be physically. He is very thorough and gets to the root cause of ailments. He spends more one on one time with patients then other chiropractors I have used in the past and it usually only takes a few sessions to start feeling great again, not 10. He is also extremely knowledgeable on how diet and exercise influence your well being and can recommend small lifestyle changes that make a big difference in how you feel on a day to day basis.Highly recommended.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Jackson Hoolahan

“Tyler is awesome!”

I went to see Dr. Fix (Tyler) because I had so much pain in my back and leg that I couldn’t even sit, the only position that I was comfortable in was laying down, and even while laying down I had pain in my leg and numbness the went all the way down to my feet. It was even affecting my sleeping because of the pain.
After only 2 adjustments, I am pain free for the first time in a long time.
Tyler is awesome!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Amie St.Arnaud

“I am very impressed…”

Working in a Labour job and also trying to keep a very active lifestyle I find myself having injuries or uncomfortable pains and aches quite often. Dr. Fix is always my first stop now. He always tries to find the root of the problem and explains to you what you can do to help yourself. I am very impressed and with how fast he helps the problem and gets you back to your everyday routine. I have referred many friends and family to him and they are also so pleased.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Sandy Harland

“His treatments are effective…”

I have seen Dr. Fix for the past few years and now my husband, daughter and son-in-law have also received treatments from him. Dr. Fix is extremely knowledgeable and offers consistent treatment and encourages overall good health practices! His treatments are effective and always offers detailed exercises for continued results. Thanks Tyler for treating all of us so well! Love your new location!!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Marian Eddy

“I have always felt incredibly comfortable…”

Dr. Fix was the first chiropractor that was able to explain in appropriate detail what exactly he found, what treatment he suggested, and the mechanisms and goals of that treatment. I have always felt incredibly comfortable and safe in his care, and he has produced results I honestly didn’t think were possible. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and valuable health care resource.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Kendra Hatch

“Very knowledgeable and attentive.”

Dr. Fix is great! Very knowledgeable and attentive.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Jarrid Kolodnicki

“I always end up receiving the proper treatment at Redefined Health.”

I have seen several Chiropractors over the years, but since first seeing Tyler I could tell that he has put much more effort into his profession than most. Whether it is a chronic pathology such as my scoliosis, or a recent injury, I always end up receiving the proper treatment at Redefined Health. Look no further, the treatment you have been waiting for is here.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Melissa Fleming

“A really awesome clinic.”

A really awesome clinic. Nice facility and welcoming staff make every visit great.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Cor Smith


I have been following Tyler where ever he will go! HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST! I had chronic back pain to the point where I would walk at hunch and nothing helped….until I met Dr. Fix!!! After many doctor, hospital, even physio! Nothing worked! After 4 other chiros I was ready to give up! I am so happy that I discovered him! He is very knowledgeable and keeping up with new information! He is the only person who has been able to provide relief! If I happen to throw my back out I can walk out there walking normally! He gives you exercises that will solve the pain problem long term! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! If you have any pain, he will relieve it! End of story! He is a wonderful person as well! He is so attentive! And already know show to solve the problem! DR. FIX IS THE BEST!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Dale Shippit

“Dr. Fix has a great vision for seeing people live well…”

I have been going to Dr. Fix now for over three years. Whether it’s an alignment for my day to day job or during an intense season of cycling. Dr. Fix has enabled me to perform by providing alignments, giving daily exercises specific to areas I need to strengthen or even health supplements. Dr. Fix has a great vision for seeing people live well in all aspects life.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by superdukeism 

“Dr Fix has a very good approach…”

I have been a patient of Dr. Fix for at lest 2 yrs now, followed him to his new office cause I feel his approach to health is very well rounded. He is very connected to his patient , you are Not just the next patient. Dr Fix has a very good approach and demeanor to your personal needs.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Darcy Reid 

“I recommend him to everyone…”

Well I was a little nervous about chiropractors but Tyler has changed my understanding. My boys have had many injuries due to hockey and have gone to Tyler for years. He always has gotten them back on the ice in record time. My daughter has struggled with a bad back since an accident and Tyler was there to get her back on track and keep her healthy with exercises. I recommend him to everyone who complains of aches, pains or injuries and everyone has been extremely grateful. As for me the chicken of the family, I strained my elbow and knew Tyler could help me,but I suffered for weeks until I could not pick up a grocery bag. I had to see Tyler only 3 times and I was good as new. He is bright, respectful, not pushy and understands the people who have misconceptions of what chiropractors do. I highly recommend Tyler to all my family, friends and athletes with confidence.

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Anita Green

“…his office is clean and the staff are super friendly.”

Dr. Fix (Tyler) is awesome! Initially, I was nervous about seeing him because I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I needn’t have worried about a thing! He was kind, knowledgeable and very thorough and made my healing journey a positive experience. In addition, his office is clean and the staff are super friendly. I cannot recommend him enough!

Redefined Health – Edmonton – Review by Seanna Chesney-Chauvet

“….an amazing place.”

Dr. Fix and his vision that is Redefined, is an amazing place. I have seen him for various aches, pains and injuries. Each time I see him I feel not only cared for, properly and thoroughly treated, but I also feel he looks at my health holistically from a skilled and evidenced based place. I highly recommend him and everyone at Redefined health.

Downtown Edmonton Chiropractic Clinic
Redefined Health – complete health & wellness services
10118 124 St. Edmonton
Chiropractors for Oliver, Glenora, West Edmonton & Downtown
*just off Jasper Avenue on 124 St – free parking