Introduction to Chiropractic Exercise Rehab

This introduction is an overview of our philosophy for rehab and gives you an idea of where we are coming from, what are goals are …Read more  »

Blade Squeeze Chiropractor Exercise Demo

So basic that it almost seems silly, the blade squeeze is gentle enough for even the most acute injuries or post surgical indications. As simple …Read more  »

Calf Raise Chiropractor Exercise Demo

While not the most commonly dished out rehab exercise, a properly preformed calf raise can help to restore strength, mobility and muscle balance to the …Read more  »

Clam Shell Chiropractor Exercise Demo

The clamshell makes the top ten list as far as exercise we give out and even exercises we see people doing already for rehab. It …Read more  »

External Rotation Chiropractor Exercise Demo

External rotation is a foundation in most shoulder rehab or prehab routines, but it is very easy to do incorrectly. This video demonstrates some common …Read more  »

Pronation and Foot Orthotics (Chiropractor)

This video shows the importance of proper foot mechanics and support. Our model patient has very pronated feet, which will cause internal rotation stresses all …Read more  »

Glute Bridge Chiropractor Exercise Demo

The Glute Bridge is a common rehab exercise that in my experience is too difficult to be done properly at early stages. Unless you have …Read more  »

Prone Glute Raise Chiropractor Exercise Demo

The Prone Glute Raise is quite a challenging exercise despite its simplicity. This is a great way to get the gluteal muscles activating in the …Read more  »

Hip Rocking Chiropractic Exercise Demo

Hip rocking is a very simple way to introduce a neutral, stable spine and hip mobility. This is a safe, non-loading position to train your …Read more  »

Lat Stretch Chiropractic Exercise Demo

This simple latissimus dorsi stretch is a great way to start improving shoulder and even thoracic spine mobility. Make sure to keep your spine and …Read more  »