Lateral Walk Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The lateral walk is a great exercise for activating your gluteal and other core muscles. Combining this with the standing clamshell and RNT squat will …Read more  »

Lunge Chiropractic Exercise Demo

Many people are doing lunges, which is a great exercise. Many people are also doing them improperly, increasing injury risk and decreasing performance. This video …Read more  »

Neck Rotation Chiropractic Exercise Demo

Safe and simple, neck rotations are a great way to get injured tissues moving or to keep healthy tissues healthy. It is important to keep …Read more  »

One Leg Stand Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The one leg stand is a surprisingly functional glut exercise. A good combination with the clamshell, this puts you in a standing position, which is …Read more  »

Overhead Squat Chiropractic Exercise Demo

Even at body weight, an overhead squat is a challenging exercise. It is a good screen for hip and shoulder mobility as well as ability …Read more  »

Overheads Chiropractic Exercise Demo

Overheads, along with the “W” and Posteriorlateral Rotations are great exercises to counteract the postural stress of modern life. Really reaching for the sky will …Read more  »

Plank Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The plank obviously a very common exercise and is excellent in terms of core contraction vs. spinal loads. In this video we go over some …Read more  »

Posterolateral Extension Chiropractic Exercise Demo

This exercise, along with the “W” and overheads are great to counteract the postural stresses of modern life. Computers, sitting, driving all bring us forward …Read more  »

Pull Down Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The pull down can be a great shoulder girdle exercise, or a nightmare, depending on how it is done and which muscles are recruited. We …Read more  »

Reverse Tricep Extension Chiropractic Exercise Demo

This exercise is one we don’t use a lot, but when needed, is very important. So much of our lives today involves pronated grip and …Read more  »