RNT Squat Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The RNT (Reactive Neuromuscular Training) squat is great used as a rehab exercise or incorporated into your warmup or prehab routine. The banding facilitates glut …Read more  »

Side Plank Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The side plank is a phenomenal core exercise that is both challenging and can be very spine saving. Flexion based core exercises like situps put …Read more  »

Squat Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The squat is a foundational movement that everyone should be able to do, but many people have trouble doing properly today. Lack of hip mobility …Read more  »

Standing “W” Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The “W” is probably the most common exercise we give our Chiropractic clients at Redefined Health in Edmonton, AB. This is a great one shot …Read more  »

Standing Clam Shell Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The standing clamshell is a deceptively difficult exercise and a great functional gluteal activation exercise. We use this for more advanced rehabilitation for our Chiropractic …Read more  »

Standing Row Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The standing row is a great exercise that we use with many of our Chiropractic clients at our clinic in Edmonton. Standing is a more …Read more  »

Quadruped Opposites Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The Quadruped Opposites is the natural progression from the Single Leg Quadruped. Adding arm movement further challenges cores stability, which is the primary goal of …Read more  »

Quadruped Single Leg Chiropractic Exercise Demo

The Single Leg Quadruped is a great core stability exercise that is gentle enough even for injured people, or people just starting a rehab or …Read more  »