Why do you eat?

I think why is one of the most important questions that we can ask, and one that is often neglected as we just do what someone else says, does, or recommends. I think this is true with respect to food and nutrition as well. There is no shortage of information …Read more  »

We’re Open!

This was an exciting week for us at Redefined Health. All of the dreaming, planning, and building has come together and we are finally open. An occasion like this calls for some reflection and I am quickly aware that I have many people whose love and support I am grateful …Read more  »

All is Bright on 124

Come and join us for the inaugural All is Bright Festival! From the website: “The businesses of 124 Street would like to invite you to celebrate the coming of the Winter Season by bringing light to our burgeoning community. In its inaugural year, our festival All is Bright will bring …Read more  »


Thanks to the hard work of Andy and his crew and Mega Industry the floors are starting to come together. Cleaning off 50 years of tile and carpet layers to get to our beautiful concrete was many hours of work, but it will be worth it. The floors will keep …Read more  »