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Active Release

The Active Release Technique (ART) is non-invasive treatment system precisely engineered to locate and quickly resolve soft-tissue disorders. The technique identifies, isolates and targets scar tissue, promoting blood flow and faster healing.

Active Release Technique is used to treat many conditions, including:

  • lower back pain
  • chronic neck pain
  • tension headaches
  • shoulder strains
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • shin splints
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • bursitis
  • tennis elbow

How does Active Release Technique work

During an ART session, your chiropractor will feel the area and identify the location of the scar tissue. They’ll use the technique to isolate and target the area, manipulating it to break up the scar tissue and restore proper blood flow so the area can heal. By breaking up scar tissue, muscles and joints are able to glide and move freely again without pain and stiffness.

ART involves very precise pressure and can be very painful. If you have a low tolerance for pain then you’ll likely find a treatment session to be uncomfortable. It can work in as little as one session for some, though some people may need more than one.

What are the benefits of Active Release Technique

ART offers many benefits for anyone who has pain and other symptoms caused by soft tissue injuries either from sports, overuse, or trauma. These include:

  • increased flexibility and range of motion
  • decreased lower back pain
  • improved chronic neck pain
  • relief of tension headaches
  • management of carpal tunnel
  • management of shin splints
  • management of plantar fasciitis
  • management of tennis elbow
  • improvement of sciatic symptoms

History of Active Release Technique

After graduating in 1984 from Chiropractic College, Dr. Michael Leahy grew increasingly dissatisfied with the slow and poor efficacy of traditional soft-tissue treatment methods. This lead him to work on developing the Active Release Technique which by 1988 was used by 20,000 health professionals.

Hundreds of ART-trained providers serve various NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA teams. Due to ART’s reputation and results, IRONMAN triathletes, Olympic athletes, PGA golfers and also amateur athletes from all over the globe now rely on ART for recovery and improving their performance.

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