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Our feet are usually under a constant amount of stress, so it isn’t surprising that injuries can sometimes occur. Soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustments complement each other by addressing both the joint and muscular components which are responsible for causing many common foot and ankle ailments.

Foot/Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle occurs when you roll, twist, or turn your ankle. Chiropractic adjustments can treat and prevent lack of mobility as the sprain heals. These treatments would involve soft tissue manipulation in and around the ankle.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is most commonly caused by repetitive strain to the ligament of the sole of the foot (plantar fascia). This could be caused by excessive running or walking, inadequate footwear, or a jumping injury from landing. The treatment of plantar fasciitis involves a combination of techniques that adjust the feet and ankles.

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