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An injury isn’t the only possible cause of wrist or hand pain. Paid could also be caused by  inflammation in the joints or nerve damage or weakness from doing activities that require hyperextension like weightlifting and gymnastics.

Wrist Sprain/Strain

Chiropractic care helps maintain and restore proper mobility which helps heal damage to soft tissue so that pain and inflammation decrease. Further, adjustments that help maintain mobility will allow tissues and bones to heal with correct alignment, promoting less chance of injury in the future.

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Finger/Hand Injury

When it comes to thumb and hand injuries, visiting a chiropractor is a good way to identify the nature of the injury and develop a treatment plan. Your chiropractor may provide adjustments and soft tissue manipulation within the affected area. Due to the specialized nature of the area, finding a practitioner with experience is important.

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Post surgical rehab

Chiropractic treatment can involve spinal manipulation, myofascial release, among other treatments. If you have undergone a recent surgery, chiropractic care could help you to restore movement to the area with simple, directed movement exercises and adjustments to surrounding joints.

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