If back pain is affecting your ability to get through the day and keeping you away from your favorite activities, consider chiropractic care. Back pain is some of the most common complaints chiropractic patients seek care for.


There are many reasons that we develop poor posture, including improper sleeping position, mental attitude and stress, old age and extra weight, daily habits and injury. Adjustments can help restore joint mobility, which is important to ideal posture/postural control.

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Upper Back/Shoulder

When it comes to chronic upper back pain, a chiropractor can help you to sort out issues stemming from immobility and postural issues.  Your chiropractor will provide adjustments and exercises to decrease pain and improve your quality of life.  If you have had trauma to the upper back or shoulder area, seeking treatment is imperative to healing.

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Lower Back

When faced with lower back pain, a chiropractor will provide spinal adjustments in order to restore proper movement to the spinal joints.  Because most lower back pain is chronic, your chiropractor will also provide you with take-home exercises in order to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured area.

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Disc injury

Most disc problems are caused by degeneration over time. The chiropractic treatment of disc problems is focused on restoring functionality by strengthening and controlling movement of the spinal joints.

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