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Disc injury

What is a disc injury?

An intervertebral disc (disc) is the spongy cushion that separates the vertebrae (bones of the spine).  These discs give the vertebrae pivot points to allow movement.  They are held in place by the ligaments connecting the spinal bones and the surrounding sheaths of muscle.

If these discs degenerate, this can lead to back pain and numerous other symptoms throughout the body.  The most common disc problems are: disc strains and sprains, degenerative disc disease and protruding/herniated disc.

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of disc malfunction or degeneration are:

  • Back pain
  • Increased back pain when repetitively bending or sitting for long periods
  • Increased back pain when coughing, sneezing, laughing or straining
  • Pain, numbness, or pins-and-needles radiating into an arm or leg


Most disc problems are caused by degeneration over time.  Risk factors increasing the likelihood of herniation are: older age, obesity, lack of exercise, poor posture, genetics and poor posture when lifting heavy loads.  However, they can also be experienced due to a fall, car accident or other traumatic event.


The chiropractic treatment of disc problems is focused on restoring functionality by strengthening and controlling movement of the spinal joints.

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