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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic is based on the belief that proper movement and alignment of your body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, will enable your body to heal itself without surgery or medication. As a healthcare profession, chiropractic has been practiced for over 120 years in over 100 countries.

The name chiropractic comes from the Greek words cheir and praxis, which basically means ‘done by hand’.

Doctors of chiropractic, who are also called chiropractors or chiropractic physicians, use a type of hands-on therapy called manipulation (or adjustment) as their core clinical procedure. These adjustments (often referred to as Spinal Manipulative Therapy) typically involve quick force to the involved joint helping to restore movement of the affected joint and muscles.

Why do people see chiropractors?

At our clinic, we see many people who have some sort of problem they are looking to address. Knee injuries, hip injuries, back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, etc. We also see a lot of people who have tried most everything else, because let’s be honest, a chiropractor probably isn’t your first stop… at least not the first time.  More and more we see people who are looking to move better, perform better, and keep their body in the best shape possible.

Some of the common conditions people see a chiropractor for:

  • conditions of the spine and extremities (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nervous system)
  • back pain (thoracic, lumbar and sacral)
  • neck pain (cervical spine and related structures)
  • headaches and migraines
  • chronic and acute pain syndromes, including myofascial pain syndromes
  • whiplash and auto accident injuries
  • strains and sprains
  • repetitive strain injuries/joint conditions, including shoulder, hip and knee
  • arthritis
  • work injuries
  • sports injuries
  • anterior chest wall
  • gait assessment and analysis
  • general health and well being
  • nutrition, therapeutic exercise, lifestyle and ergonomic counselling and recommendations

Treatment goals


  • correct postural habits and movement patterns
  • ergonomic modification
  • maintain healthy tissue and joint mobility with sport, activity, aging.
  • lifestyle and nutritional considerations

Acute and chronic care

  • relieve pain
  • reduce muscle spasm and inflammation
  • increase flexibility
  • restore function and range of motion
  • treatment plan appropriate to specific individual
  • return to normal activities of daily living as quickly as possible


  • increase strength
  • increase and maintain flexibility
  • stabilize

Is chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractic care is very safe. The most common thing we see in our chiropractic clinic, is that things get sore after treatment for a day or two, particularly after soft tissue work like Graston or Active Release.

Do I have to see a chiropractor forever?

Our goal is always to resolve any resolvable issue, however many people choose to continue to see a chiropractor to combat modern ‘not-moving’ lifestyles, ‘very active lifestyles’ or just to perform better. There are a lot of things you probably will, or should do forever, like brush your teeth, or eat vegetables. So a better question might be, is adding regular chiropractic care (or massage or acupuncture for that matter) to my routine a good choice?

Does chiropractic hurt?

The only thing that is consistently a bit painful is usually the soft tissue work, Graston, or ART. Most commonly, chiropractic adjustments just feel a bit weird the first time, probably because it is a bit weird. Sometimes they can be a bit uncomfortable, usually short-term, and often similar to the feeling you have after a hard workout.

Do chiropractors see children?

Our chiropractic clinic treats children of all ages, but the treatment for a young child is significantly different and much more gentle than for an adult. A small child’s chiropractic treatment is typically surprisingly gentle.

Physio versus Chiro?

This is a very common, and the answer is both physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment have many benefits, and both can be used in conjunction with the other to enhance one’s health. Our therapists work well together, with the goal being your optimum health and wellness.

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