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Pamela Denis – Registered Acupuncturist - (R.Ac.)

Pamela graduated from Grant MacEwan University and completed her registration exam in 2011.  She then was selected to complete advanced training in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and pain in the Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship program in 2013, under the instruction of Whitfield Reeves OMD, L.Ac.

In 2017, Pamela also completed her C.SMA (Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncture) designation in Chicago.  After completion of this program, she was invited to be a teacher’s assistant and continues to do so.

In 2019, Pamela started attending the Visceral Manipulation program through the Barral Institute.  She has completed three of the four certification levels and plans to continue studies next year.

Pamela uses cupping, guasha, electro-stimulation, advanced needling techniques, corrective exercises and visceral manipulation to obtain results with her patients.  She is dedicated to continuing education to provide relief to patients suffering from chronic pain or sports injuries.  She is passionate about making sports acupuncture a sought after modality by both recreational and elite athletes.

In her free time, she enjoys partaking in yoga, going for a run, or staying active with her pup, Baxter.


Pam’s Hours:

  • Monday-Wednesday: 9:45-5:45
  • Thursday: 11:15-6:45