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Strong Foundation

Your feet are the foundation of proper movement and function.  Our orthotics provide your feet with a foundation for healthy mechanics.  Without a proper foundation, other mechanical problems are difficult to correct, or will recur frequently.  Even small abnormal or excessive movements in your feet can cause strain in the foot, ankles, knees, hips and back.  In most places people are standing, walking and running almost exclusively on man made surfaces, which puts more strain on your body.    If an orthotic can take even 10% of the stress off of your foot, knees, hips and back, that can be significant.  We always recommend looking at overall mechanics to see other areas that may be contributing to inefficiency, movement imbalance, or injury.

Our Orthotics

Our custom orthotics are made in Canada from the highest quality materials using state of the art technology and are hand built for each individual. Our goal is to correct faulty foot mechanics, or just give your foot extra support on unnatural surfaces, and give your body the foundation it needs to move and function properly. They are fantastic for skates and various other sport footwear as well as everyday shoes, especially when walking on hard, man made surfaces. Combined with some barefoot training and exercise, they allow your foot to maintain proper health and function in our modern existence.

Our suppliers are Kintec Labs and CVN Orthotics. They allow us to offer custom, pedorthist made, world-class orthotics for our clients.

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It is our vision to empower individuals and families in our communities to restore and maintain optimum health. We know that clarity fuels momentum to health and that alignment within your mind, body, and purpose fosters human excellence.