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Your shoulder has tremendous range of motion ability, which allows you to do awesome things like throw and climb.  It is also prone to breakdown and traumatic injury, partially because of this range of motion.  Depending on the type and severity of the injury, treatment options will obviously vary.

Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is actually 4 muscles that surround the shoulder. They are very important for shoulder stability and fine tuning shoulder motion.
When your rotator cuff is injured, you can lose mobility, strength and function of your shoulder. Rotator cuff strains are common as is general dysfunction of the rotator cuff. Depending on the severity, treatment may be surgical repair followed by rehabilitation or conservative rehab alone. Rehab would typicaly include exercise combined with tissue therapies like Active Release Technique (ART), Acupuncture, joint manipulation, and Graston to restore mobility and stimulate healing.

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Ac Joint Sprain

Most often, an AC joint sprain is caused by an accident or injury, which forces the AC joint apart. The focus of our treatment will be to improve the healing environment and ensure that soft tissue receives the support that it requires in order to heal.

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Scapular Dyskinesis

Scapular dyskinesis is an overuse syndrome prominently experienced by overhead athletes and desk workers. It is commonly experienced by those doing repetitive overhead tasks. Joint manipulations are helpful in restoring joint motion which can help scapular dyskinesis. This means that your chiropractor will apply pressure with their hands or with tools in order to restore motion to any restricted joints and related soft tissues. Soft tissue techniques can also be effective.

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Cervical Radiculopathy

The chiropractic treatment of cervical radiculopathy focuses on restoring proper movement and function through in-office care and take-home exercises, which offer the body the opportunity to heal.

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