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Prolotherapy is a therapy that has been practiced by Medical and Naturopathic Doctors since the 1950’s It increases the size, thickness and strength of ligaments (bone to bone) and tendons (muscle to bone).

lncreasing the strength of ligaments and tendons stabilizes joints, thereby reducing pain, muscle spasm and instability.

Ligaments are prone to iniury as they are the weakest part of our musculoskeletal system; they do not heal well due to poor blood flow.

lndications for treatment include:

– Musculoskeletal pain lasting for greater than 6 weeks

– Failed ioint surgery

– Musculoskeletal pain treated with NSAID medication (lbuprofen, Advil etc.) – Only temporary relief with chiropractic, massage or acupuncture

– Joint pain or swelling that is aggravated with activity and relieved with rest

– Joint degeneration, such as osteoarthritis

– Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and sacro-iliac (Sl)ioint pain

Treatments consists of the iniection of dextrose (acting as an irritant), and an anesthetic solution into the ligament or tendon to stimulate a natural healing reaction via the migration of red blood cells and growth factors. Preparation with a local anesthetic (procaine) minimizes localtreatment pain.

The result of the injection is the migration is migration of specialized immune cells to the area to lay down collagen at the injection site. Collagen is the primary building block of ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. With time, collagen is organized into a stronger, thicker and more resilient tissue.

Research has shown that ligaments increase in strength by approximately 40%.

Treatment success has been estimated at 88% and depends on the individual’s ability to heal. Treatment may also consist of strategies to remove barriers to healing (1.e.: poor nutritional status, diets prone to a greater inf lammatory response)

Removal of NSAID medication (Advil, lbuprofen) is important as these will block healing ability and compromise the response to prolotherapy.

The average number of treatments is 4-6. However, depending on the size of the joint, degree of degeneration and healing capacity, many patients see results after only 1-2 treatments. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 treatments are recommended.

The recommended time between treatments is 2-3 weeks. This allows time for the joint to heal. ln certain cases, more or less time between treatments may be suggested.

Because the results of prolotherapy are typically p€rmanent, many cases can maintain good results with an ongoing exercise program. However, if causal factors remain which contributed to joint degeneration, maintenance treatments may be required (1.e.:one injection every 6 months).

Treatment cost:

lnitial prolotherapy consult: S225

Prolotherapy ONE.ioint: S185

Prolotherapy TWO ioints: S225

Post-Prolothera Joint Care (to be done in between treatments) Tylenol, Acetaminophen can be used if post-treatment pain is more than can be tolerated.  lce as needed- preferably twice daily for the first 72 hrs. after treatment

Rest from activities for 48 hours after treatment

Collagenics- you will receive this supplement from Dr. Zubach-Cassano after your treatment. This supports proper collagen formation in your ligaments, tendons and joints.

Active Release Technique (ART) and/or joint manipulation is recommended in between prolotherapy. This will help remove any musculoskeletal imbalances that may be causative/contributing factors to the initialjoint injury or degeneration.

You may see Dr. Tyler Fix at Redefined Health for ART.

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