Heal. Recover. Perform.

We are a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to helping you get healthy, stay healthy, and perform better!


About Us

We believe movement is life. We believe you are made to be healthy and to stay healthy for a lifetime. We believe that age is not an excuse. Our focus is restoring proper health and function, not simply reducing symptoms. We want you to add years to your life, life to your years, and perform at your peak.

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Our clinic strives to offer the best evidence-based conservative healthcare available in Edmonton.

  • Chiropractic – Essential to restoring mobility, health and function.
  • Psychology – Helping you move towards your full potential for a happy and health life
  • Acupuncture – Improve tone and mobility
  • Clinical Exercise – There is no ideal movement or performance without exercise
  • Massage Therapy – Improve and maintain soft tissue health
  • Naturopathic Medicine – Help your body heal itself
  • Nutrition – Impossible to heal and perform without proper nutrition.

Performance & Prevention

If you’re participating in contact sports, explosive sports like track, court and racket sports, endurance events or fitness based challenges, the extreme loads can lead to breakdown injuries or impaired performance and recovery.

Occupational athletes like Fire fighters, Nurses, Police officers and labourers are also under placed under significant sustained loads.


Redefined Health helps athletes achieve better overall balance and performance and prevent injuries.
Adding professional treatment to your training team and routine can be a missing link to pushing yourself to the next level and keeping you there.


We care for people, not conditions.  However, whether are experiencing pain in your head, your neck, your jaw, your back, your knee, elbow or ankle, we have the training and skill improve function and let your body heal.  Start on the road to greater mobility and comfort.

Our multidisciplinary team offers you the kind of support you. need to achieve your goals.

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Full Service Edmonton Health & Wellness Clinic. Serving Glenora, Oliver, West Edmonton & Downtown *just off Jasper Avenue on 124 St – free parking

It is our vision to empower individuals and families in our communities to restore and maintain optimum health. We know that clarity fuels momentum to health and that alignment within your mind, body, and purpose fosters human excellence.


“Caring staff and effective treatment!”

Caring staff and effective treatment! I found this place from a Google search, decided to try out because it was close to home. Very professional staff who are helpful and make you feel comfortable. Neither pretentious nor overly casual. I’m very happy with Dr Amber’s treatments. She is very knowledgeable and personable.

Redefined Health – Edmonton –

Review by Victoria Laidlaw

“Excellent service.”

Excellent service. I went in and saw Dr. Spellman because my back and shoulder were causing a lot of pain. After one session… yes ONE session of chiro and Graston technique, my shoulder and neck were sitting where it was supposed to and I no longer had pain in my hips and back when moving. Best decision ever was coming here.

Redefined Health – Edmonton –

Review by Janelle Northey

“…Dr. Tyler is the best…”

Have been having chiropractic treatments for 30 years and Dr. Tyler is the best among the 5 previously doctors seen. His vision and approach of manipulating your body to find the proper treatment is undeniable.

Redefined Health – Edmonton –

Review by Ray D.

“I definitely would recommend Dr. Fix.”

I have seen Tyler over the past five years – his training, knowledge and experience has helped me to continue with my running and other physical activities. I definitely would recommend Dr. Fix.

Redefined Health – Edmonton –

Review by Lori Middleton