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  • Common Questions about Massage Therapy

    Common Questions about Massage Therapy

    During my 7 years of being a massage therapist, I have been asked the following questions on a regular basis. I thought this article would help to answer these questions for people who have not asked, but are curious. What should I expect from my first treatment? First…

  • Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

    Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

    Prenatal Massage Therapy Massage therapy during pregnancy is often referred to as prenatal massage. Throughout various stages of pregnancy, women experience emotional and physiological changes that affect the body as a whole. The changes in the musculoskeletal system can cause discomfort for the soon to be mother. Lower back…

  • Choosing Carbohydrates

    Choosing Carbohydrates

    The Carbohydrate Debate “There are good carbs and bad carbs.” “All carbs are bad.” “Carbohydrates make you fat.” “Go low carb or no carb . . .” the carbohydrate discussion is endless. Like many areas in the food industry, it is difficult to get good answers and make informed decisions,…

  • Let’s Talk “Gluten Free”

    Let’s Talk “Gluten Free”

    Gluten free is everywhere. Gluten free definitely does not mean healthy, and it doesn’t necessarily even mean healthier. Spinach is gluten free and healthy. Gluten free brownies can be full of all kinds of garbage, just not gluten. At the very least, “gluten free” needs to be clarified.

  • Foundational Movements: The Squat

    Foundational Movements: The Squat

    I am a big fan of squats. They are pretty comprehensives an exercise and as a screen for limitations in mobility, strength, or stability. Squats require proper movement and function of the spine, hips, knees and ankles. Throw in an overhead arm position and you have a pretty good screen…

  • Essential Nutrients

    This is a very common question worth some consideration. Walk in to any health food store, or go online, and there are literally thousands of different supplements. It is difficult to know where to start and what to spend your time and money on. The best way to obtain nutrients…

  • Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

    Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

    Breakfast Smoothie This is how we start our day in my family. Even the wee ginger baby likes it. Many smoothie or even green smoothie recipes are loaded with fruit and fruit juice, which although nutrient rich, are also high in sugar and glycemic load. This offers a nutrient…

  • We’re Open!

    We’re Open!

    This was an exciting week for us at Redefined Health. All of the dreaming, planning, and building has come together and we are finally open. An occasion like this calls for some reflection and I am quickly aware that I have many people whose love and support I am…

  • All is Bright on 124

    All is Bright on 124

    Come and join us for the inaugural All is Bright Festival! From the website: “The businesses of 124 Street would like to invite you to celebrate the coming of the Winter Season by bringing light to our burgeoning community. In its inaugural year, our festival All is Bright will…

  • Flooring


    Thanks to the hard work of Andy and his crew and Mega Industry the floors are starting to come together. Cleaning off 50 years of tile and carpet layers to get to our beautiful concrete was many hours of work, but it will be worth it. The floors will…