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Golfer’s Elbow/Little League Elbow/Medial Epicondylosis

What is golfer’s elbow/little league elbow/medial epicondylosis?

Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylosis) is a condition that is caused by repetitive movement and strain.  It can also occur after banging or knocking your inner elbow.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms of golfer’s elbow include:

  • Pain on inner forearm
  • Tenderness where tendon meets inner elbow


Despite its name, golfer’s elbow is not limited to golfers.  It is a strain caused by repetitive and forceful movement of the wrists and fingers.


In treating golfer’s elbow, chiropractic adjustments include active release and adjustment to correct mechanical issues relating to the wrist and elbow.  This helps to relieve stress upon the elbow joint.

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