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Lateral Hip

What is a lateral hip injury?

The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint connecting the torso to the legs.  Because of this connective quality, the hip is affected by a number of different muscle groups––when one of these muscles is injured or strained, it can often be felt within the hip joint.

Lateral hip pain is a condition in which pain is felt on the outside of the hip.  This pain may also travel down the outside of the thigh.

Common Symptoms

When experiencing a hip injury, you may notice:

  • Pain along the outside of the leg
  • Painful weakness to hip muscles
  • Pain with weight bearing activities (walking, running, stairs or prolonged standing)
  • Pain laying on the hip


Lateral hip pain may be the result of trauma such as a fall on the outside of the hip, which may cause an injury to the iliotibial (IT) band.  Other causes of hip pain may include: arthritis, inflammation and IT band syndrome.  Lateral hip pain is often experienced by runners and women over 40.

It is important to note that these injuries or changes to the hip joint may also impact your lower back, knees, ankles and feet.


Because there are many muscles attaching onto the outside of the hip, the dysfunction of muscles and joints can cause a compression at the outside of the hip bone, which causes pain.  A chiropractic adjustment as part of a structured muscle rehabilitation program for lateral hip joint pain or injury can help to avoid further injury through tissue deloading and correct alignment.

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