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Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylosis

What is tennis elbow/lateral epicondylosis?

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a condition that occurs through overuse and overloading of the elbow tendons.  It can also occur after banging or knocking your elbow.

Common Symptoms

Symptoms of tennis elbow include:

  • Pain on the outer forearm
  • Tenderness on the outer elbow


Tennis elbow is typically a repetitive stress injury (RSI) that develops over time.  It is caused by repetitive motions (such as gripping a racket during a swing or typing) which can strain the muscles and put too much stress on the tendons.  This constant tugging can eventually cause microscopic tears in the tissue.


Treatment is focused on getting tissues mobile.  Specific treatments would be ART, Acupuncture, Graston and cupping for soft tissue and adjustments for joint mobility.

In this case, it is also important to look at the entire kinetic chain.  The neck, shoulder and wrist are all part of complex movements like hitting a tennis ball, theoring, golfing, and even grabbing your cup of coffee.  It is often necessary to address biomechanical issues in these areas as well.

By raising general awareness of the activities causing and exacerbating the lateral epicondylosis, your chiropractor will create a personalized therapy program including strengthening and improving mobility for higher resilience.


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