Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage Therapy Massage therapy during pregnancy is often referred to as prenatal massage. Throughout various stages of pregnancy, women experience emotional and physiological changes that affect the body as a whole. The changes in the musculoskeletal system can cause discomfort for the soon to be mother. Lower back or …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Grilled Zucchini

Happy Foodie Friday! Any plans for the weekend? If your plans involve grilling, I would add zucchini to the grocery list – your taste buds will thank you! This Grilled Zucchini packs incredible depth of flavor. Pair simple ingredients and 15 minutes of your time and you have a fabulous …Read more  »

Spinal Health and Wellness

Wellness Defined Spinal health and wellness, like anything wellness, is a nebulous term. Wellness is basically giving your body everything it needs (sufficiency) and avoiding things that are harmful (purity). So what is required to achieve spinal health and wellness? Sufficiency for Spinal Health and Wellness: (Requirements to be healthy …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Eggplant Pizza with Chorizo, Arugula & Fresh Herbs

Growing up, Friday night used to be pizza night in our home. We’d all gather to assemble our own pizza creations. My mom would make an amazing homemade crust and sauce. If my brother and I planned to hang out with friends, the whole crew always ended up at our place …Read more  »

Low Back Pain III: Building a Strong and Stable Spine

In the first part of our low back pain series, we discussed this vague term and how we can focus on a solution instead of the large variety of problems that can be causing low back pain. Part II was all about movement.  So, from a strength standpoint, how do …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Kebabs with Avocado Cilantro Lime Dip

Grilling season is one of my favorite food seasons. There’s nothing like food on the BBQ to make it feel like summer. I’m not one of those year round BBQ people, so when the time comes to fire up the barbie, I’m pretty fired up myself. Last week I was …Read more  »

Low Back Pain II: Restoring Motion

Movement is life. For your spine, movement is essential for health. Joint surfaces don’t have blood supply so they get their supplies from the fluid in the joints, which need movement to circulate. Movement is also exercise for this sub-system in your body. It keeps things strong by challenging them …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Summer Salad Rolls with Almond Satay

Salad rolls are tasty any time of year, but this version of Summer Salad Rolls is packed with fresh veggies instead of rice noodles making it deliciously crunchy and refreshing. This is a perfect recipe for an appetizer or light and satisfying meal. It’s fun to play around with the …Read more  »

Low Back Pain I: How to Manage, Fix, Cure It

Low back pain is very common and anyone who has dealt with it knows how limiting it can be. It is scary to lose your ability to carry out day to day tasks and be self-sufficient. I constantly have patients who think it is just a part of life or …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Spiced Mango Avocado Chicken Salad

COOL MEAL FOR A HOT DAY! Spiced Mango Avocado Chicken Salad Ingredients: 6c organic spinach 2 pieces organic chicken 2 organic mangoes, peeled and chopped 1 organic avocado, chopped a handful of pine nuts or cashews (optional) 1 tsp chili powder 1/2 tsp cumin Chicken Rub Ingredients: olive oil 1/4 …Read more  »