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Healthy? Chocolate Banana “Milkshake”

photo-e1402090142605Ok, so healthy might be pushing it a bit, but it is infinitely better than a late night DQ run.  This still packs a lot of calories, but at least has some nutrients and is free of dairy, refined sugar, and things you can’t pronounce.  Oh and it is delicious!  I am absolutely a blender snob, but you will need a Vitamix or something legit to handle the frozen bananas and get a good, thick shake.


  • Organic Frozen Bananas – peel them before you freeze them or you will be sorry.  Pop some over ripe ones in the freezer so they don’t go to waste and have them on hand.
  • Organic Coconut Milk –  Full fat from a can.  Native Forest is readily available and has no BPA!
  • Organic Raw Cocoa – Big spoonful and adjust to desired chocolateyness.


You can experiment with ratios, but to make enough to share I start with 3 frozen bananas.  Add up to a whole can of the coconut milk and blend.  Then add the cocoa.

You can also add in some whole raw almonds instead as an alternative for coconut fat.

Use almond milk or water to thin it out if it is too thick for your liking.

I sometimes add a little bit of vanilla extract too.


As always feel free to share with us any of your personal twists and how you like it, unless you don’t like it, then you can keep it to yourself.


Be Well,

Tyler Fix, DC, CCWP