Foodie Friday – Creamy Spiced Coconut Squash Soup

You are in for a warm, cozy soup that will hug your insides. Coconut creamy and chock full of Red Kuri Squash, the satisfying medley of spices in this soup is mesmerizing. If you don’t have a Kuri squash, an acorn, butternut or other squash of your choice should substitute …Read more  »

Beet and Chèvre Salad with Summer Greens

I’m loving this Beet and Chèvre salad with Summer Greens. For lunch, for supper … it is so flavourful and fresh! I think I have made it three times in the last week. For extra protein, I add a boiled egg for each person to make this a satisfying lunch …Read more  »

Loaded Asian Salad Topped with Seared Beef

You are in for a seriously delicious meal. This is a household favourite, inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe. A beautiful and abundant display of vegetables topped with seared beef and the most amazing ginger dressing. It is fresh, satisfying and fills your senses with incredible flavour. I have served …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Summery Citrus Salad

This Summery Citrus Salad is delicious! It has a creamy lemon pepper dressing that refreshes your tastebuds. I love the mingling flavours and textures of the lettuce, fresh grapefruit and nuts. This is very easy to make and presents beautifully. Hope you enjoy. Inspired by Julie Cove from her book …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Cranberry Lemon Scones

These Cranberry Lemon Scones are a delicious gluten free brunch item. A spin off of Rainy Day Biscuits, I love the rich flavor of almond flour with a slight honey sweetness that comes through with the punch of cranberries and zest of lemon. Mmmm. Warm and delicious comfort food. I …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Tasty Portobello Fellows

Hello spring! I’m sure enjoying this lovely weather. Here is a tasty lunch for you to whip up. These Tasty Portobello Fellows are so good! Super easy and delicious! I hope you enjoy. Ingredients: 2 portobello caps 1 clove of organic garlic, rasped or substitute dried onion flakes 2 TBSP …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Venison and Root Vegetable Stew

Looking for a warm and cozy meal for this weekend? One you can leave for an afternoon and come home to enjoy both the amazing aroma and taste? Well here it is. This Venison and Root Vegetable Stew is flavorful and rich, full of root vegetables and tender meat that …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Massaged Kale Salad

I LOVE this Massaged Kale Salad, creamy with avocado and lemony goodness. It is one that I always anticipate making and eating because it is so flavorful and delicious!  If you want to make it a full meal, top it with roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, pepitas, or all of the …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Peruvian Inspired Chicken and Vegetables

Citrus and spice and something nice. This all-in-one meal of Peruvian Inspired Chicken and Vegetables is delicious. It’s spicy – not hot spicy but flavor-filled spicy.  A nice change from the usual. Crispy spiced chicken on a bed of tender and lemony sweet potatoes, onions and peppers. I hope you …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – “Cheesy” Vegetable Soup

I love this soup because it is delicious, loaded with healthy veggies and it freezes very well. The nutritional yeast gives it a yummy cheese flavor. Every time I make it I prepare a double batch so I can freeze one batch in lunch sized containers. It is wonderful with …Read more  »