Foodie Friday – Baked Coconut Chicken

Happy Foodie Friday! I think I can finally admit fall is here, now that most of the leaves have blown off the trees. Looks like we have another lovely weekend ahead of us. Perfect for getting out in the yard, finishing harvesting, and cleaning up the garden. I was astonished …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Loaded BBQ Sweet Potatoes

Last night Kathy introduced me to these fabulous Loaded BBQ Sweet Potatoes. Delicious! Paired with a spinach salad and vinaigrette, it was the perfect combination of warm and filling and fresh.  You can’t go wrong with loaded sweet potatoes as a fall supper.  After Thanksgiving weekend, this would be a …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Zucchini Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and Chorizo

Crunchy warm veggie noodles, pesto rich with the fullness of sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil, a spicy kick from chorizo … mmm.  This meal comes together in 30 minutes and is healthy and tasty. My husband gave it two thumbs up. If you would prefer, you can omit the …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Zucchini “Spaghetti” with Meatballs and Sautéed Peppers

Have you tasted the wonders created by a vegetable spiralizer? I am loving cucumber spirals with lemon in water, spiralized beets in salad and zucchini “spaghetti”. I don’t like spaghetti pasta noodles, but find fresh zucchini noodles to be an absolute delight!  Here’s a healthy and delicious meal of Zucchini “Spaghetti” …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Creamy Spiced Cauliflower Soup

Not so many months ago, I would walk out to the cauliflower field at Sundog Organic Farm, pail and knife in hand, and wade into a knee-high jungle of green. Hidden beneath folded leaves, bright white cauliflower clouds would surprise me. Each plant produces but one head. I now look …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Rainy Day Biscuits

There’s nothing like filling the house with the smells of baking when you want to be cozy and warm. When I went off of gluten, dairy and eggs due to allergies, I decided not to recreate gluten-filled foods, and so I rarely baked. Not because I don’t enjoy baking; somehow …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Grilled Sausage & Vegetables

Edmonton has been HOT this week. While I have been relishing the heatwave, I think this weather calls for a delicious meal that involves no cooking indoors – Grilled Sausage & Vegetables.  Say no to the oven, and hello to a cooler house. Here is an awesome, healthy, one-dish meal …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Asian Burgers on Grilled Red Peppers

Wishing you and your family a fabulous long weekend! I’m so excited to share this tasty burger recipe.  These burgers are super flavorful with green onion, sesame and tamari. Paired with a grilled pepper?! Mmmm! Top that off with spicy avocado spread and a slice of pear, and you will …Read more  »

Foodie Friday – Bomb Dot Com Baked Salmon

I can’t get enough of this delicious salmon recipe. I’ve never had it fail and the salmon always comes out perfectly cooked, flavorfully seasoned and beautifully presented. The other thing I love about this recipe is that it is quick! It’s a gourmet, healthy entree in 20 minutes. No joke. …Read more  »

Common Questions about Massage Therapy

During my 7 years of being a massage therapist, I have been asked the following questions on a regular basis. I thought this article would help to answer these questions for people who have not asked, but are curious. What should I expect from my first treatment? First and foremost, …Read more  »